Celebrating 90 years of making every day the best one yet.

Some things just naturally go together. The combination satisfies the heart as well as the mind. It’s no wonder that Chevrolet and Brazil have enjoyed a happy relationship for almost one hundred years. To commemorate Chevrolet’s 90th anniversary in Brazil, the Commonwealth//McCann São Paulo team created a campaign that celebrates every moment.

Aptly named “90 Years of Chevrolet,” the campaign recognizes and celebrates the milestone achievement by capturing the everyday moments that make up a lifetime. The campaign, co-created by Fernando Penteado and Eric Sulzer, speaks perfectly to how the Chevrolet brand embodies the notion of finding new roads by helping Brazilians explore new things and find the best in life on a daily basis. Through rich images of the beautiful country, its people and their vibrant and soulful culture, the campaign reminds us of the moments of victory, celebration and contemplation that make life fulfilling.

By focusing on today and on the promise of tomorrow, the campaign reminds us of the wonder of the world and all of life’s possibilities. The campaign goes well beyond the TVC, with ingenious activations built around it. Our São Paulo team created a variety of banner ads, social media posts and an incredible 90-second video. The video features several Chevrolet vehicles and showcases contemporary scenes of people living with new technologies, new habits and new cultures.