Invisible Innovation

How do you go about marketing a product that can’t be seen? It is no easy task. The Commonwealth//McCann Global team in Detroit and the Global Content Studio helped launched ingenious new technology in partnership with The Mill and Epic Games at the 2017 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. The keynote address revealed to the world the next-generation Blackbird technology that combined with Epic’s Unreal Gaming Engine to create something truly breakthrough. Where before we could use the Blackbird to create assets of any Chevrolet vehicle without actually having it onsite, the addition of the Unreal Engine now allows us to actually see the car we’re shooting, through the camera, in real time.

A short film was created that provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Blackbird through the eyes of its innovators, showing how each of them was uniquely challenged to “Find New Roads” that ultimately led to an ingenious invention. “The Human Race” was presented on stage by Sam Russell, General Director, Global Chevrolet Marketing, to thunderous applause. As a bonus, a real-time car configurator was revealed that allowed the user to build their preferred vehicle, and that vehicle was instantly updated in the film. This will forever change the way we interact with consumers. In addition to the film, our Global Content Studio invented dynamic posters and a robust social campaign to spread awareness and build excitement. The team utilized Facebook Canvas and Twitter Moments to tell the story of “The Human Race” and provide additional content both before and after the video’s premiere. See "The Human Race” here. And the making-of video here.