Avoiding the "F" Word

How do you engage football fans with their favorite pastime with an experience that doesn’t include the game? With the first-ever global Twitter subscription content series, our Commonwealth//McCann Global FC team along with other Chevrolet partner agencies created a web series that gives fans of Manchester United another way to connect with their favorite footballers: “The Everything But Football Football Show.”

The episodes feature recurring segments — each presented in a fun, lighthearted and irreverent way. “Fanswers” allowed fans and players to answer the same questions about members of the squad; “Would YoUnited Rather,” where an out-of-the-box “would you rather” question is posed to the players and fans; and “Prank Wars,” which left unsuspecting players and fans on the receiving end of (you guessed it) good-natured pranks by fellow players and fans. The questions range from the sweet (“Who’s most likely to cry during a romantic movie?”) to the surreal (“Would you rather fight a duck the size of a horse or 100 horses the size of a duck?”) and the downright silly (“If you were putting together a Boy Band, which fellow footballers would you recruit for it?”). The players see how their answers match up against the fans who have been interviewed “man-on-the-street style.” The series kicked off April 28, with new episodes that launched every Friday through mid-June.

The team worked hand-in-hand with Twitter to promote the show, and the social network created a “reTweet to subscribe” feature specifically for the new series. Here’s how it worked: Every teaser and episode had associated copy that asked fans to reTweet to subscribe to the series. Once a fan reTweeted it, they were then a subscriber to the series and would receive a personalized Tweet from Chevrolet FC that allowed them to view the next FC Twitter Moment a few hours before it was released to the public. It’s an inventive, effective way to connect with fans — and it’s never been done before! You can check out the episodes here.