La Cueca

September 18th is a beloved and long awaited holiday for every Chilean, even more than Christmas or New Year's Eve. During the next 3 days, everything in Chile stops, much Rio's Carnaval, and everyone forgets about stress in order to celebrate with friends and family around a nice barbecue and the beat of La Cueca, Chile's national dance. After the lockdowns in 2020, Chevrolet found a new road to deliver a memorable homage to celebrate September 18th and La Cueca in 2021. That's how our homage is born, our own interpretation of the Chilean national dance done by 2 Silverado Trucks and their 355 horsepower. The challenge for the drivers was to take every step of the choreography, and the mischief and flirt of the Cueca, and reinterpret inside the 2 Silverado trucks. The result was an unprecedented “dance” between two trucks with an extraordinary coordination, following the heterometric beat of the Cueca. It was homage that was shared on our own social media, as well as the competition's social media, and something that inspires us to find new roads to celebrate September 18th.