The Sophisticated SUV

For many people, owning a large SUV is not a matter of necessity. It’s a status symbol: Something to aspire to and maybe even show off a little. The Commonwealth//McCann São Paulo team was tasked with increasing the profile of the Chevrolet Trailblazer and visibility in the region. The team ran an extremely strategic, targeted, and integrated campaign to attract the attention of the desired market. These high-achieving, high-earning individuals are looking for a car that’s rich in appearance, quality, comfort and status. Their families are important to them, and their family vehicle is like an extension of the home where they spend quality time together. These consumers want a vehicle that reflects these ideals … one that is also attractive, comfortable and safe.

To reach their audience, the team leveraged a partnership with one of Brazil’s most popular influencer couples. Along with their children, the team sent the family on an adventure in their Trailblazer, then presented that trip from four unique angles: Gastronomy, adventure, culture and style. Integrated across digital, print and social, the work provides high-end potential buyers with exclusive, customized content, including personalized videos recorded by the celebrity couple. It addresses this very select group of prospective buyers on a one-to-one basis through sophisticated messaging across every channel. Overall, the campaign has proven successful, engaging one million customers and driving 100,000 visits to the Trailblazer website. And the videos have resonated with viewers as well, garnering 12 million views and a positive feedback rate of 71 percent. In addition, as the series continued, engagement increased: The fourth video grabbed twice as many interactions and 33 percent more views than the third, with two million total views and 30 percent average retention. It’s a high-gloss, high-end campaign that proves Trailblazer is more than just a symbol of status, but a glamorous symbol of fun and fulfillment. Watch the videos: Gastronomy, Adventure, Culture, and Style.