Volt owners drive the campaign

When people speak from the heart, other people listen. That’s the strategy behind the “Real Volt Owners” campaign from our Commonwealth//McCann Detroit team. The work features a series of videos with real Chevrolet Volt owners sharing their real-life stories. Authenticity is an important aspect of the Chevrolet brand. That was part of the thinking behind the “Real People, Not Actors” campaign and we’ve continued that idea with the “Real Volt Owners” concept. Getting genuine, unscripted reactions from Chevrolet Volt owners has continued to garner similarly high levels of attention.

Launched at the end of August 2016, “Real Volt Owners” shares car features that will improve drivers’ lives and helps them realize the benefits of owning an electric vehicle. Our team created five long-form videos, where Volt owners tell us what they like best about the car. We also updated the brand website to highlight a different owner story every month. An e-newsletter helped further spread the message by engaging EV owners and prospects. To keep the conversation going, the campaign featured the debut of a new video each month through December 2016. You can check out the first two “Real Volt Owners” videos here.