It’s important to be ready to take on anything — even better when you can do it on your own terms. For the launch campaign of the Chevrolet Tahoe Z71, drivers “Escape the City” in style. The campaign is aimed at creating awareness and consideration among city dwellers who seek excitement and are looking for a high-performance, extraordinarily designed SUV that can get you where you want to go.

The special-edition Tahoe is just the vehicle you need to help break from the old, day-to-day routine and discover new experiences. This campaign demonstrates that this SUV has real presence and capability. Rugged and good-looking, Tahoe Z71 is an SUV built for serious off-roading and is up for any adventure. 

The campaign has generated more than 3.1 million views across YouTube and Facebook, with average video retention of 86 percent and 76 percent, demonstrating that viewers were highly engaged with the content. The videos garnered 1,509,171 views and 1,346 shares on YouTube and 1,600,000 views and 474 shares on Facebook. Watch Sand Border, Goat Herder or check out the site here