Spark Launch Heats Up

To launch the next generation of the Chevrolet Spark in the region, the Commonwealth/McCann Mexico City team created a campaign that reflects the vehicle’s unique mix of features, appealing personality and equity in the marketplace.

Leveraging the vehicle’s strong brand recognition, the campaign showcases the vehicle’s best-in-class features and demonstrates how Spark is the perfect vehicle for young, on-the-go individuals who are seeking a balance of style and economy. They’re looking for brands who “get” who they are while also offering a good value, and they want a car that is not only practical but helps them stand out in a crowd.

The work positions Spark as the vehicle that amplifies the driver’s potential – giving them the extra push they need to help reach their goals – and shows that Spark lives up to its name. It has held on to what made it great to begin with, but has refined those features and made them better. Like its target audience, Spark is growing up without growing old.

The campaign includes a digital film, TVCs, print, out of home and on-line advertising. Check out the film here.