Prevent Accidents by Driving with Care

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see an accident coming? In the “Drive with Care” campaign, the Commonwealth//McCann New Delhi team helps Chevrolet call attention to road safety in a unique way – by painting accident sites on Indian roads. The work aims to raise awareness of the road accidents that happen every day across key cities in India during monsoon season. It also highlights the increasing levels of danger during monsoon season and showcases Chevrolet as the automotive brand that cares for drivers by focusing on the key pillars of safety, trust and dependability.

Using hydrophobic paint that can only be seen when wet, our team placed caution messages on the streets in high-risk areas of several cities throughout India to remind drivers and pedestrians to be more careful. These “wet ads” helped serve as a solution to prevent accidents and also stress the commitment Chevrolet has made to road safety. One of the messages is from 16-year-old Shruti, a road accident victim. It says, "I ran to avoid the rain, but the car was also in a hurry." To support the campaign, our team invented a video with road accident victims sharing their stories to set the tone and stress the seriousness of the issue. The video begins with statistics on road safety and then transitions to the emotional plight of the victims’ families. It also shows how the wet ads appearing in the right places can lead drivers to slow down. The final message comes in the form of advice from a grieving mother: "Drive safe in the rain."

Along with the main video, shorter video clips ran on Facebook and YouTube. Watch the video. The campaign has earned positive media attention on online news sites.  Total views were strong across social media, with 9.5 million with over one million completed views. Clicks to the site totaled 12,000, which is extremely good for the Chevrolet India site.