Breaking New Ground in New Dehli

The launch of the Chevrolet Trailblazer in India lived up to the vehicle’s name, as we forged ahead on an exciting new path of our own. In collaboration with MRM//McCann and Digital Foundry Bangkok, we put together a unique online campaign to launch the high-profile SUV: the first campaign of its kind in the market without any offline integration, and the first-ever campaign to support online-only sales of a vehicle. In a move to build awareness and engage the market before the launch, we kicked off the campaign with a web banner for the Trailblazer overview page on, an Amazon Brand Store page, and OLA banners and social media posts to build excitement leading up to the launch. The teams also delivered a live webcast, with a recording made available for viewing on the website, social media and ad networks.

Overall, the campaign garnered more than 15,000 unique visits from big browser and mobile users between Oct.13 and Oct. 31, 2015. The most popular engagements were brochure requests, which saw the highest volume during the last week of the campaign, and PDF downloads, 72-percent of which were of vehicle brochures, indicating the campaign’s success in driving awareness and initial interest in the Trailblazer. Watch the webcast and check out the mobile site.