Exploring Off-Road and Online

Reaching the always-coveted young adult market was the primary focus of the following new work ... and even more important was ensuring we reached them where they live: In the digital sphere. That’s why our Commonwealth//McCann São Paulo team developed digital content to target this key audience in a recent campaign launch for the 2017 Chevrolet Tracker.
For the Tracker launch, the team created a 100 percent digital campaign tailored to their modern, connected audience, in a market that spends most of their time accessing the Internet via smartphone. Aimed toward a target of stylish, influential young people who consider themselves urban adventurers, the work includes a digital manifesto that explains a key campaign concept: “Take Back What is Yours by Right.”

The campaign also featured a “Tracker Talks the City” livestream on YouTube and on the Chevrolet Facebook page. The idea was to help the consumer get familiar with the Tracker campaign concept in a way that was relevant to their lives. Four prominent spokespeople were selected from different areas – art, entertainment, social good and design. Each of them gave a 15 minute presentation showing how their work helps to take back the city.

To get the message out, our team embarked on a never-before-seen partnership with Google that dominated YouTube for a full 24 hours.
Using Google's expertise to identify the 14 most relevant segmentation topics searched by people on YouTube, the team created 41 different video clips to run as targeted pre-roll. Overall, the launch campaign was a huge success – proving that for these young explorers, the Tracker SUV is the right choice for the city and for them.

The “Tracker Talks” posts had over 189,000 digital interactions. Chevrolet created 10 unique posts to promote the live event, which garnered 48,000 “likes,” 3,000 comments, 6,000 “views” and 8,000 “shares.”
Watch the “Tracker Talks the City” wrap up here and the “Take Back What Is Yours by Right” digital video manifesto here.