The Ultimate Mobile Device

How do you convince plugged-in Millennials there’s a vehicle that can help them stay connected to everything they care about — as easily as their smartphone? Position the Chevrolet Spark as the next piece of “must-have” technology. The Toronto team did just that by generating excitement for the Chevrolet Spark launch in Canada with a multi-platform campaign designed to incite curiosity in consumers, and they continued the “Real People, Not Actors” campaign in the market with a new TVC for Spark.

Spark is not a car for people who love cars, it’s for people who love their smartphones: the ultimate mobile device. Targeting young urbanites upgrading to their first new car, the campaign positions Spark as the attainable yet aspirational vehicle that enables them to remain constantly connected to everything in their world as easily and effectively as with their smartphone. The work teased Spark with activations in Galeries d’Anjou in Montreal and the Eaton Centre in Toronto for the first two weeks of January, engaging consumers with two provocative messages: "The Ultimate Mobile Device Is Coming" and "The Spark Is Coming," accompanied by a large, black box designed to resemble an oversized mobile phone box.

After teasing the release in social communities, the vehicle reveal took place at select Best Buy stores in Canada. The partnership with Best Buy was leveraged for the company’s authenticity as a trusted resource for electronics. The team also created OLA, print and digital OOH, in-store digital at Best Buy, and a microsite with pre-roll and a countdown, all leading up to the live unveiling of the Chevrolet Spark that took place on YouTube on January 14. For the reveal, the team leveraged influential Canadian tech celebrities and bloggers to share with consumers and the media what makes Spark so unique. See samples of the work here, and watch a video of the reveal.

In addition to the vehicle unveiling, the team is continuing the “Real People, Not Actors” campaign for Spark, this time with a TVC targeted to the French-Canadian market and airing in Quebec.