Commonwealth//McCann is a General Motors Supplier of the Year … again! We are honored to be named a 2020 General Motors Supplier of the Year. Award winners represent companies who provide products and services to General Motors in the areas of vehicle components, supply chain and logistics, customer care and aftersales indirect services. This is an honor bestowed on those suppliers who go above and beyond, who bring unsurpassed quality, excellence, value and innovation to their work for General Motors. And that describes the work we’ve done for our client Chevrolet since embarking on our partnership in 2012.

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Our Leadership

Grant Theron //

Global CEO & IPG GM Lead

"Culture is everything. You have to want to work at an agency. If you create the right culture, people will want to work there. The work is better."

Linda Sorbera //

Global Director, HR

“Travel is a great way to understand what’s going on beyond your four walls, to get a perspective on what’s going on in the world and bring that back to the work.”

Tony O'Gorman //

Global CFO

"The great thing about my role are the unique new challenges that pop up every day somewhere in the world. I love the chances to better the agency, our many employees and GM."

Jeff Beverly //

EVP, Global Dir. of Content

"It’s amazing to work with such incredible talent from around the globe and experience different approaches to content production."

Lance Miller //

Chief Technology Officer

“We may not be on the creative front lines, but it’s gratifying to see how technology helps them do what they do and open the possibilities for our creative team.”

Diana Ceausu //

Global Director of Strategy

"I love to simplify and solve complex problems, tell iconic stories and innovate at the intersection between culture and commerce. I have been fortunate enough to create work across almost all continents, as a fearless believer in the power of brands to shape culture."

Matt Canzano //

Deputy Chief Creative Officer

"Great Creative never happens without great Strategy and great Account partners. Smart creative never needs explaining."

Brinn Phillips //

Global Strategy and Director of DE&I

Life is like the radio. It's full of static, but you have to tune into the music sometimes.

John Vincent //

Global Director of Client Operations

In a cycling team, everyone works together and everyone takes a pull at the front. A steady pace, and line, keeps the paceline moving safely at speed making the team faster, more efficient and better positioned to win.

Nate Williams //

Account Lead, Global Markets

“Innovation thrives in the CW global markets, and their ideas spread throughout the world.”